Palette Association
The Palette Association is a non-profit making institution with a primary purposes to support the business development needs of members and contribute to the successful emergence and growth of a new generation of entrepreneurs and enterprises in the fashion industry by: improving access to markets and finance; sharing information; raising funds and mobilizing technical assistance to undertake beneficial projects, educating and mentoring members; to meet the international standards.

Members continue to operate their own shops but also under an umbrella of the Palette Association. Rather than covering every fashion area as an individual, the group is meant to leverage and reduce the weight through division of labor to sustain orders on a larger scale. Members will be able to produce in commercial quantities to sell their products as retail, lowering their production costs and reducing the stress to reach a larger market. Members can also collaborate on orders that might be too large for people to handle but rather could depend on the Production Center (PDC) as a back bone. Designers can buy in bulk, split the order amongst themselves, and produce more. The aim is to maximize their capacity in terms of production for local and international markets. In other words, a mass production approach without compromising on quality and high level of aesthetic appeal.”

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