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Elegantly handcrafted Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets and Waist Beads

Yede Beads – Finecraft African Beads and Accessories

Allure. Elegance. Finesse. YedeBeads is all about unleashing the beauty, dignity and intrinsic qualities in every woman. Our intricately designed pieces are one of a kind and are targeted at making every woman who wears a piece feel like royalty. Whether its a selection from any of our exquisite collections or an order placed for a custom-made piece, your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed.

YedeBeads pieces are made from intricately designed and creatively handcrafted fusions of genuine African traditional beads and semi-precious stones. Carefully selected, our pieces not only possess aesthetic value, but are a true reflection of a rich African heritage and history, with some of the components dating back five centuries. Excellently crafted, a YedeBeads piece will add that essential oomph to any dress ensemble.

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